Behind our straps

Our straps tell a story

Straps that make a difference. Daniel gleans over at the clock on the wall as he prepares for work. He’s almost ready, just a finishing touch needed – his cherished watch. As he picked it up he remembered a time before he owned proper timepieces. Specifically he thought back to the moment during a board meeting at his place of work. He was giving a presentation and it was going well, the response from the board was positive and his confidence was sky high. Then as he reached to point at the presentation, something happened that sent a chill down his spine – his watch fell off.The embarrassment was so overwhelming

he ended the presentation feeling destabilized. Afterwards he made his way to a nearby bar to meet up with his friend and cool off. As he explained the experience to his friend and how it completely killed his confidence, his friend told him about his high quality  italian leather watchstrap that he used with his watch. Not only is the quality excellent, it’s also fashionable and improves on any wardrobe. It comes in different color and design variations so that you can easily adapt it to any outfit. Daniel looked at the watch on his wrist and muttered a thank you to his friend.

Designed & manufactured with excellence

We have committed to quality, we continually invest in state of the art production technology to ensure that our products perform consistently and meet our precise specifications for color, details, thickness and craftsmanship.


Crafted with passion

When busy parents don’t have time to their own meals, when time becomes your enemy, passion is your savior. It is designed to leave lasting impressions.

With the enviroment in mind

Every strap is created with not only us in mind, but the planet as well. We pride ourselves in making sure we meet the standards set to keep our planet beautiful and vibrant for our children’s children.


Worn with pride

With a Mateo Noél on your wrist any outfit is a hit. Whether it’s a casual Friday or you have an important meeting, a Mateo Noél watch will never disappoint.